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This service includes:


Initial Consultation:

  • Detailed discussion to understand client objectives, vision, and requirements for the video project.


Storyboard Creation:

  • Collaborative development of a visual storyboard outlining the sequence of shots, scenes, and overall narrative structure for the video.


Location Scouting:

  • Identification and selection of suitable shooting locations based on the video concept, including studios, outdoor settings, or specific venues.


Professional Equipment:

  • Utilization of high-quality cameras, audio recording tools, lighting, and other professional-grade equipment to ensure top-notch video production.


Filming and Production:

  • Execution of the video shoot, adhering to the storyboard, capturing scenes, interviews, or required footage as per the outlined plan.


Editing and Post-Production:

  • Comprehensive video editing, including color correction, audio enhancements, visual effects, and seamless integration of all elements to create a polished final product.


Customized Graphics and Animations:

  • Creation and incorporation of bespoke graphics, animations, or motion design elements to enhance the visual appeal and storytelling within the video.


Music and Sound Design:

  • Selection or composition of suitable music tracks, sound effects, and audio enhancements to complement the video's mood and narrative.


Client Revisions and Feedback:

  • Provision for client review and feedback rounds to ensure the video aligns with expectations before final delivery.


Final Delivery in Multiple Formats:

  • Delivery of the finalized video in various formats optimized for different platforms or usage requirements (e.g., social media, websites, presentations).
  • Service Duration

    • Reel production - 35mins
    • 2-minute video package - 1.5hrs
    • 3-minute video package - 2 hrs 15 mins
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