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Product Photography

Product Photography


This package includes:


  • Planning Session: Collaborative discussion to outline the objectives, brand aesthetic, and specific goals for the product photoshoot.
  • Styling and Set Preparation: Arranging the set, props, and backgrounds to complement and enhance the product's features and brand identity.
  • Professional Photography: Capturing high-quality images of the product from various angles and perspectives, highlighting its unique features and details.
  • Variety of Shots: Creating a diverse range of shots including close-ups, detailed shots, lifestyle images, and contextual shots to showcase the product's versatility and usage.
  • Lighting and Composition: Employing professional lighting techniques and composition to ensure the product is showcased in the best possible way, emphasizing its qualities and functionality.
  • Post-Processing: Editing and retouching images to enhance colors, contrast, and overall appeal while ensuring the product remains true to its actual appearance.
  • File Delivery: Providing the client with the finalized, high-resolution images in the preferred format for their use across various marketing channels.
  • Option for Lifestyle Integration: Offering the inclusion of lifestyle settings or models to demonstrate the product in real-world scenarios, enhancing its appeal and relatability.
  • Consultation and Collaboration: Continuous communication and collaboration throughout the process to ensure the client's vision is accurately translated into the final imagery.
  • Duration of Service

    • Basic - 1h
    • Advanced - 1.5hrs
    • Pro - 2.5hrs
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