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My name is Anyélica Sarai. I am a proud 23 years old latina and founder and CEO of KING Establishers. 

With high hopes of becoming a business woman, I decided to gather ideas by thinking about my career of choice, my talents, hobbies, and so on. After many prayers, I had multiple encounters where those prayers were confirmed. Later on, one of my best friends, without knowing about my plans, sowed me a camera with all its accesories. On that moment, I knew what I was meant to do. Finally, I launched KING Establishers in the state of Florida as a business to help other businesses or entrepreneurs find their purpose just as I found mine. 

And how do I do that? By providing services that will boost the identity and purpose of a brand. 

What can I say...

I am an establisher, are you? 




Our purpose is to influence and guide every generation of entrepreneurs to establish their own. Through our services, we want to lead many businesses and entrepreneurs to discover and embrace the purpose that the Father formed uniquely for them.



Our hearts' desire is to magnify each unrepeatable purpose of all entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide. As a company that has so much to give, we want to use the talents and gifts that were given to us, to demonstrate our legitimacy and serve as God's bridges to every soul, so that He can establish His perfect purpose.



This is the first thing I did on photoshop. It was a simple task, yet not knowing how to execute it at the beginning was somewhat difficult. However, I was proud of my first try.


At first, I did not have this desk. I used to brainstorm, plan, and work long hours on my bed tray from ikea. Later on, I started using a tv table, but it was still so uncomfortable. Now, I have a comfortable and spacious desk that allows me to work remotely and efficiently for all my clients.


My first setup for a brand photoshoot was at my house for my mom's brand. Currently, I work with different entrepreneurs at different locations. To create content or for a website photoshoot, and so on. 



Yes I do!

During college, I did my associates degree with a transfer plan for Journalism, yet I decided to change my major to a career that could benefit my business as well. I also have credentials in business, business communication, and web development (HTML / CSS). 

Now, I am expanding on the field of finance and statistics for a better approach when it comes to the marketing mix. 

Soon, I will finish my bachelor's degree and a couple minors and certifications. However, it will not be the end since I will continue to expand my education and knowledge while developing my talents to provide my clients the best. 





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Every single detail holds a meaning close to my heart. 

The red means pact, purple means royalty, blue means authority, and white means purity. Why? Because it connects to my identity, to my purpose. It reminds me where I am headed and what the Father wants for me as His daughter. One day, everybody will understand my decision with these colors because there are many plans up ahead and I cannot wait to fulfill them.  

As for the name, it is a crossword that when it's aligned perfectly is spells out KING. 

Kingdom, paternIty, goverNment, desiGn.

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